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EA Sports NHL 19

Who's a hockey fan?? In 2018 Vegas got its first professional sports team, the Vegas Golden Knights! We started off with a great season and even went to the playoffs. Eventually we lost the championship to the Capitals, but damn, what a ride! Admittedly, I've never been a hockey fan, but having a new home team was quite exciting. What got me even more excited was being booked by Chris Park (photographer for EA Sports, Sony, etc.) for the cover reveal promo videos/photos for EA Sports NHL 18 with Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers. It was the day of the NHL Awards and the same day the Golden Knights were to draft their players.

We had a great time filming some funny stuff last year. I purchased some wigs and fake mustaches, and Connor played a bunch of different people with a monotone voice, it was comical! You can watch the video on the "Videos" tab up above. I'll also post the link here: https://www.trinitykay.com/video

Fast forward to this past summer, I was pumped to hear from Chris again. This time we were doing the promo videos for EA Sports NHL 19 with Nashville Predators' P.K. Subban.

P.K. arrived with his team and I have to say, he's probably one of the sharpest dressed athletes I've seen. He was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, an assistant, and of course... his hat! He was very friendly and told me about P.K.'s Helping Hand, a charitable foundation where they help families of children with devastating illnesses. He explained that when a child is sick, most times, a parent needs to stop working in order to help care for the child, or be with the child during their treatments or hospitalization. P.K.'s Helping Hand assists families with necessities like food, medicine, etc.

Congrats P.K. on an incredible career accomplishment and commendable philanthropy efforts!

Photo: Chris Park
P.K. Subban, NHL Nashville Predators, EA Sports NHL 19 Cover Athlete


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