Interested In Training?

Are you ready to be your own boss? Are you looking for a career in the beauty industry? Do you need supplemental income? Do you want financial freedom? Do you want to help people look and feel their best? 

If you are interested in training to become a Microblade Technician, contact me for more information before signing up for any courses locally or in other states. Beginning May 2019, I will be offering one-on-one and small group training (no more than 4-students per class.) Due to strict laws set forth by the Southern Nevada Health District, you must be sure your training and apprenticeship satisfies the state requirements with a licensed Body Art Card holder, in a licensed facility. 


  • How long is training?

    • Training will consist of 4-days, hands-on. The course will cover everything you need to know to perform a Microblading or "Blade & Shade" procedure.

  • Will students perform work on live models?

    • You may arrange for a live model at the end of your training. 

  • What are the tuition fees?

    • One-on-one trainings are an investment of $2,500. Small group training is $2,000 when 2-4 students enroll. All tuition fees include a high quality kit and training materials. (10% tuition discount for MUA's, Cosmetologists, and Esthetician students/graduates.)

  • How much is the 6-month apprenticeship?

    • $1,200. (Most trainers will charge upward of $4,800, in addition to training fees, to sign off on your apprenticeship.) This will save you an incredible amount of money that you will need to start your business!

  • Is the apprenticeship required?

    • Yes. You must complete a 6-month apprenticeship in order to receive your Body Art Card from the Southern Nevada Health District. 

  • What will you learn?

    • History of Microblading. Skin anatomy. Facial bones and muscles. Hair growth and patterns. Intake forms and consultations. Contraindications. ​Universal precautions. Kit and supply introduction. Color theory. Skin-tones and undertones. Brow mapping. Disposable vs. Reusable. Trinity's personal Brow Theory. Needle assembly. Apprenticeship requirements. Prep for Southern Nevada Health District Apprentice Sanitation Exam. SNHD facility inspection information. How to open a business- NV state requirements. Insurance information. Social media and marketing tips from a local PR company. Financial investment discussion. 

  • What will you leave the course with?

    • Your Certificate of Completion! First and foremost, you will receive ongoing support for the next year. If, within that time, you feel you need to return to training, you may sit in on a training class FREE, as a refresher, without having to pay again. You will receive a quality kit with high-end products you can actually use- these are the same products I use on my own clients. You will have a clear understanding of how to perform Microblading/Shading under safe conditions. Ethical and respected industry habits. Ability to properly set-up and break-down your station. The most in-depth apprenticeship. Knowledge of the state requirements to operate your business legally. You will not be like the thousands of unprepared students who are lost and abandoned in this industry after training. I will teach you everything I wish I was taught and what I had to learn on my own. You will know the exact processes you need to perform in order to begin your career as a licensed Microblade Technician!