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Bite Beauty

If you've ever wandered through Sephora, you have probably passed these sleek, creamy, deliciously aromatic Amuse Bouche lip treats by Bite Beauty!

First, let's discuss our three-P's: price, packaging, and presentation. The Bite Amuse Bouche lipsticks are $26 a pop and found on Sephora's website. The packaging is durable and detailed, with the sliding outer sleeve revealing a grey box of perfectly carved satin red lips with a pop of lower-lip gloss. Cute, right? But wait! Once unboxed, you'll find the smoothest dark grey casing that fits and feels just perfect in your hand. I often find myself placing the lipstick in my palm with my thumb fitting perfectly in the groove of the slanted cap. The cap isn't heavy or magnetized like some of its competitors, but instead it's simple, and I feel it aims to please the sense of touch rather than sight. I also like that the base has little dots to help secure the cap onto the base so you're not fumbling around your makeup bag trying to find your lipstick and end up with your finger jammed into the lipstick bullet because the cap somehow came off. (Yes, this has happened to me on more than one occasion!) The bullet is flawlessly sculpted with Bite's "B" logo carved into the front.

Before the smooth formula even hits your lips, you'll notice a pleasant citrus-scent. Bite boasts all-natural, edible ingredients- even fresh fruit! It is infused with 12-oils to quench and nourish your lips, especially helpful for those of us with dry lips or living in drier climates (Me and also me!) Amuse Bouche's ingredients also help to extend wear and provide antioxidant benefits. Though it does include all of these great ingredients, if you're sensitive or allergic to citrus scents or juices, this may not be the formula for you. That's about the only con to this that I can find. Luckily, I haven't had any trouble wearing this lipstick throughout the day.

You'll find the creamy formula glides onto your lips effortlessly and leaves them feeling hydrated and soft. The coverage is pretty opaque and will only require one or two sweeps for full lip coverage. I often mix two colors together to create a custom shade for myself and my clients or models. The Toronto Bite store also allows you to custom blend your own personal shade. How fun is that? However, this isn't an option for most of us, so the Canadian makeup brand includes 34- mouthwatering shades, so you will more than likely find yourself the "perfect Bite"... or if you're anything like me, you may likely indulge in a few more "Bites"!

My favorite shades are "Sugarcane", "Meringue", "Honeycomb", and "Pepper". Scroll to see a custom-mixed shade on my model below!

Patricia Werle is wearing Bite Amuse Bouche in "Sugarcane" and "Honeycomb"

Makeup by Trinity


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