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New Chanel Goodies!

Chanel Sheer Healthy Glow Moisturizing Tint ($40), Evening Beige Blush ($45), and Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence ($100)

If you're looking for a skin routine that will give you a beautiful glow, look no further, I've got it right here for you!

For those who are unaware, my first retail makeup job was with Chanel Beauty in Washington, DC... well, Arlington, VA (Pentagon City to be exact.) I applied on a whim after a contracting job with SAIC was up. I didn't expect to get the job, since my "competition" was a bunch of girls who had esthetician and cosmetology licenses, but by some miracle, I landed it!

Anyhow, now my best friend, Samantha, works for Chanel. A while back, they were having an event with one of their lead artists, James Webb. I decided to go in and have him do my makeup. (He's super cute and incredibly sweet!) Here is the look he created for me.

James Webb and I

James first began by patting the Hydro Beauty Micro Liquid Essence onto my skin. The big selling point: this essence has camellia oil beads suspended in the liquid, great for hydration. His hands were cold from being in the store, but it felt refreshing. In fact, it made me think that I might want to store this in the fridge during the hot Summer months in Vegas. Not sure if that would affect it or not, but if you can store your spritz's and Fix+ in the fridge, why not this, too? I think I'll try it and let you know how I like it.

Since I don't typically wear full-coverage foundation, or some days I skip foundation altogether, he chose the Sheer Healthy Glow Moisturizing Tint for my skin. I have to say, I love the way it felt. Not heavy, not cakey, not fakey. It felt like my own hydrated skin. That's always nice! I feel this is especially important when you reach your 30's. We no longer have the tight, poreless skin of 19 or 20-year olds! 30+ skin has texture, fine lines, sun spots (I refuse to say "age spots!" LOL) This was a nice alternative to medium coverage foundations. Usually, when I want to apply a sheer coverage product, I reach for my MAC Face & Body foundation. This was my go-to for years. However, I feel as though the Sheer Healthy Glow made my skin look and feel nicer- radiant, if you will. It smelled beautifully as well, though some of you may prefer a product without fragrance.

What can I say about the Evening Beige Blush? Man, let me tell you! I had the most difficult time trying to choose between three shades, but in the end, Evening Beige got to come home with me. It's a peachy-beige with subtle shimmer and it glides on like silk. Usually I have a hard time parting with beautiful products, as I want to keep them for myself, but I had to put this in my kit and share it with my clients! One of the first people I used this on was one of my favorite regular clients from Austin, TX. She loved it. Her cheeks were youthful, glowy, and subtly sculpted after a few sweeps of Evening Beige!

All in all, it was a good day. Makeup with James Webb, makeup shopping with my bestie, goodies for myself and my kit. Everybody's a winner!

If I had to tell you to choose one product from these three, I'd say get the Sheer Healthy Glow. As we transition into Fall and soon, Winter, you are going to love the moisture this imparts onto your skin during the colder, drier months.




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